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Chess UI v4.5

Release notes v 4.5

Hello! Its been a while. I am releasing some nice improvements to the opening selections by the engine. If you leave the opening choice as "Any" then the opening selections will be more randomized than ever before. In the past you may have only seen a few openings being used but now the selection will vary greatly and you should see more fun opening play. I am also releasing some bug fixes to the Syzygy book which has been freely provided to all by Syzygy tablebases. The fix now uses their updated API and results.

Updates to v4

I'm releasing some tweaks to the UI after noticing that people need an easier way to highlight the last move and to jump back to a previous position. I'm also updating the chart to give slightly more interesting information.

January - 2018

Happy New Year!

There's been a bunch of great updates to the Chess UI recently and I hope you enjoy them. Here's some of the recent features on the latest release:

There are a lot more features that I would like to add to the Chess UI to bring it closer to standard desktop UIs and I hope the ability to export games, load fens, set up positions, have a kibitzer and evaluation cover the most important set of features.

About this project

This is the second iteration of the Chess UI site. The improvements and changes are many but I'd like to highlight the following:

I hope you like the changes. There are more coming. I'll also write about the project more on my code blog.

- Carlos Moran